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Year 3 of the national shingles immunisation
programme started on 1st September 2015.

For details on the eligible patient cohorts and funding arrangements for year 3, click here.

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To check if a patient is eligible using our online and downloadable eligibility calculator, click here.


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on 1st September 2016
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For more information on the national shingles immunisation programme and eligible patient cohorts for this year, click here.

A downloadable version of this calculator is available from the support section – click here.
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VACC-1204019-0002 12/16
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MSD has developed the Shingles Aware website to provide healthcare professionals with information about shingles, the shingles vaccine Zostavax®, and the national immunisation programme.

To learn more about the national programme, the eligible patient cohorts and funding arrangements,
click here.

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